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The objective of this puzzle is to pass all the squares of the board with the knight, making only legal moves. A legal move for the knight is shaped like an L. Up or down two squares and over one square. The knight starts in a random position. Click on the square that you want to reach from there. It will be occupied by a new piece. Continue until the whole board is filled.

If you get stuck, you can undo your moves one-by-one by using the undo-button If you press the reset-button you will go back to square one. To analyze the moves you've made so far, you can use the trace function. Pushing the trace-button again will turn the trace function off. The new button will not only reset the board but also move the knight to a new starting position.

While you attempt to follow the rule of only using the L shaped moves in sequence, you also need to see a pattern developing on the board so that you don't get stuck in a corner, unable to move again.

This is a difficult puzzle and few have managed to accomplish it, yet it is possible. In fact, once you have mastered hitting all the squares then you can tackle the challenge of hitting all the squares without ever crossing your path.

Good Luck!

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