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Ancient art of scrambling messages so that they may be passed secretly between two parties. Both the sender and the receiver hold the "key" which enable them to encrypt and decrypt the message. A small puzzle that tests your ability to "break the code".

A famous quote has been displayed before you. Unfortunately the characters are all mixed up. The "a" is now represented by some other character, and the "b" and the "c" too. Actually none of the characters are what they seem.

To find out what the message is, you'll have to guess what each letter stands for. For instance, a "b" could really be an "f", and the "k" may stand for "e".

Look very careful at the position of the letters and also their frequency. You can learn a lot from that. If you think you have an idea, you can highlight the letter by clicking it and then typing the letter you want to replace it with. If you change your mind, select the letter again and push the revert-button.

As soon as you begin, a timer will start running.

If you get stuck you can select a letter and push the hint-button. But beware: you get a fifteen minute penalty for each hint.

Good Luck!

© J.L. Read, 1997. All Rights Reserved.
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