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The purpose of this site is to create a daily experience of humor, inspiration and creative problem solving. The combination of these three elements, if practiced daily, will open the mind, allowing creative genius to blossom. With this method you can stimulate creative thinking habits and add a little delight to your day.

Science has proven that if you exercise the brain beyond your current limits, you create new neural pathways. Neurologically this is called "use dependent plasticity". In laymen's terms it means use it or lose it. If you attempt to reach beyond the obvious solutions to a problem, you will be permanently opening new neural pathways in the mind. Practiced daily, this technique will create those permanent pathways.

What we have done is create a daily set of humorous anecdotes, or jokes, inspirational thoughts and two puzzles. Once you have had a good laugh, and contemplated a lofty thought, you are in a playful frame of mind. This is the ideal mood in which to solve puzzles and see creative solutions. In the daily puzzles, one puzzle stimulates the left brain and the other stimulates the right brain. If you make the effort to accomplish solving the puzzles each day this will expand your ability to use both sides of your brain. Even if you cannot initially solve the puzzle, by pondering it for a time attempting different solutions, you will open new pathways of thought. Once you see the answer, you will remember the avenue of thought that brought the solution to light.

By stimulating your brain to forge new neural footprints you are opening your mind. With daily repetitive efforts to open new neural pathways, seeing the solution to any enigma will become obvious. This is the essence of creativity.

Creativity is an attitude that can be cultivated and expanded. Once you have learned how to maintain a creative attitude, you can apply it to anything you set your mind to. The way to develop a creative attitude is to stretch and stimulate the mind daily to keep it flexible and resilient.

For more information read about the Attributes of a creative mind.






This site is dedicated in loving memory
to its creator, Janet L. Read
1949 — 2000


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