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Clustered Water™ has been found to be a specific form of water instrumental in key cellular functions. Research has shown that the lack of this specific form of water is responsible for cellular aging and cellular problems. When we are young, our bodies are full of clustered water. As we grow older, our clustered water becomes physically bound to other molecular structures and becomes unable to move freely through the cell walls. Our body contains approximately 50 trillion cells. The water that sustains them is called clustered water. Unlike tap water, rain or mineral water, Clustered Water™ has a particular characteristic which allows it to pass freely through cell walls, delivering oxygen, nutrients, protein chains, enzymes and it removes the toxic buildup that accumulates in the cell. The efficiency and speed of Clustered Water™ is due to the design and shape of the water molecules and the design and shape of the cell itself. Small water clusters fit into and through the hexagonal channels in the cell membrane and inside the cell.

  • Studies show that 2% loss of cellular water decreases energy levels by as much as 20%.
  • Over 99% of all chemical reactions in the cell are facilitated by water.


Dr. Lee Lorenzen has an impressive academic background; he received his BA in Biology from the University of California at Berkeley. Dr. Lorenzen went to UCI School of Medicine, Research Associate in the Department of Pharmacology; did his graduate studies in Biology at Cal State Fullerton and finished up with Doctorate studies in Nutrition at Metropolitan Collegiate Institute, London, UK. Along with these educational achievements, Lee also ventured into teaching before entered into research and development. He is an active member of the American Preventive Medical Association and has been awarded 2 US Patents on Clustered Water™ technology (5,711,950 & 6,033,678).

Lee has written and narrated many video and audiotapes on nutrition and health care for the general public, and he has lectured extensively on the life sciences around the world. He has published articles in the Proceedings of the Western Pharmacology Society, Life Sciences (London), Food Technology Japan, up-to-date Food Processing and La Vie Japan.



Clustered Water™ is designed for the human body. Dr. Lorenzen uses his proprietary Clustered Water Template Induction Process (U.S. Patent No. 5711950) to produce Clustered Water in his laboratory in California, USA.

These clusters are folded around proteins and the complex is subjected to high frequency vibration through the use of laser and ceramic systems. The protein base is then extracted.

Clustered Water is a non-toxic solution that beneficially impacts the body's entire systems by means of energy transference, through super hydration.


Tap Water

Medical College of Wisconsin's Dr. Robert Morris has been the featured water expert on Dateline NBC. Dr. Morris and colleagues at the medical center have concluded alter examination of ten previous studies of the cancer-causing problems of chlorinated water, "There is a clear pattern between consumption of chlorinated water and rectal and bladder cancer." It is projected that by the year 2015 the combined death rate from bladder, rectal and pancreatic cancer will exceed the lung cancer death rate due to carcinogens in water and food.


Distilled Water

Water is shown to have memory. This molecule is a perfect example of what happens when this memory is stripped or erased.


Water from Polar Ice, an example of Pure Water

This beautiful hexagonally shaped water crystal is a perfect example of pure Clustered Water™r. This water, found two miles deep in polar ice as once found abundantly on earth.


Clustered Water™

Clustered Water™ helps transport nutrients, enzymes, and proteins into the cells. Clustered Water also helps remove waste products and helps maintain proper communication between cells. This allows us to sustain the high clustered water levels so necessary in our body.


Cat's Claw

Cat's Claw has been used for centuries by the ancient tribes inhabiting Peru, Columbia and Ecuador, with use documented to 300 B.C. The Plant has been called by many names throughout history, but is commonly called cura cura or una de gato (Cat's Claw). Cat's Claw has been documented as tonic, an anti inflammatory, and an adaptogen. It is estimated that over 40% of the people in Lima, Peru's capital, consume Cat's Claw on a regular basis because of its numerous beneficial effects.



  • Energizes the body
  • Hydrates cells and organs
  • Helps remove waste and toxins from cells
  • Helps boost nutrition absorption

The molecular structure of Clustered Water occurs naturally in only a few very special places on earth. In the few locations where these specific waters do exist naturally, the people are known to lead long, vibrant lives without many of the health problems that are prevalent in western society.

Clustered Water is an organized cluster of water molecules held together by shared hydrogen atoms. It is primarily found in three places:

  • BODY:  We are born with this biowater.
  • NATURE:  North Pole, Lourdes, France and other known healing springs.
  • LABORATORY:  Produced by Clustered Water Template Induction Process.

Thanks to fifteen years of painstaking research, Dr. Lee Lorenzen was finally able to devise a process to mimic these special structures and stabilize them in such a way that they are now available to anyone who wants or needs them on a daily basis.






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