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"You cannot teach a man anything;
you can only help him to find it within himself"


The creative process is an ongoing exercise. Everything you do that is not habit is creative. Harnessing this creative power and directing it toward new ideas and solving problems is where most people need help.

Creative Tools and Techniques
The educational system is poor at teaching children how to retain their inherent creative talents. So much emphasis is put on learning rote memorization of data, that cultivating the imagination is a lost art. Those who do retain this ability are not quite sure, as they mature, how to channel this gift into everyday life. We have here a number of articles that offer useful techniques to enhance the creative process. We invite you to chose those you are drawn to and add them to your own repertoire of talents.
There are many different kinds of puzzles. Some exercise the left brain and others exercise the right brain. Find out why doing puzzles increases creative potential.

Everything created was given birth through imagination. All form is the outcropping of mind. Before anything becomes formed it was conceived in someone’s mind first through the power of their imagination. The ability to imagine is universal. The power to imagine is not limited by gender, culture, education or intelligence. If more people understood this power they could transform their life accordingly.


We spend one third of our lives asleep. Learning to use the dream state to enhance your creative mind is a potent tool. There are many ways to learn to become lucid in the dream state and to utilize the language of the psyche to benefit our waking life.
The ability to direct your focus is an art. All creative work is the result of clarity and the expansion of focused intent. There are two kinds of focus, hard and soft. Every problem or creative project needs to use both kinds of focus to be successful. Learn the difference.
A truly creative mind can remember the future. Noted physicists, cosmologists and mathematicians are in agreement with this fact. What we experience as time and space is an illusion. You can penetrate this illusion and access your future as though remembering it in the past. Learn how this is done.
With the use of biofeedback and state-dependent memory you can learn to trigger creative insight in a moment. This is a valuable technique that can be used anywhere at any time to evoke a creative solution to a problem. Once you learn it creative mind will be at your fingertips.
Creative mind is always present in that interval or gap between a conditioned ego response and a spontaneous self-aware intuitive moment. It can be learned. There are several proven methods to create a meaningful gap in our psychological programming and allow our inner creativity to shine through. Find out what they are.
Mathematics is the cornerstone of science. Mathaphobia is a fear that many people have which cripples their ability to understand science and nature. Read about an excellent book that will dispel your fears of math forever, and thus expand your creative abilities as well.
How much of what you perceive is illusion and how much is based on fact? You might be surprised at the answer. The way the brain processes information is very different from what most people understand. The five senses are more "elusive" than you might realize. Your creativity depends on your ability to discern between what is "real" and what is "not real". Find out how this is done.
Cryptography is an old science. People began creating codes as soon as they began to use written language. Many great minds were fascinated by cryptanalysis. It is a great tool for entraining the brain to use both logical and analogical forms of thought. Both are necessary to breaking codes. Both are necessary to creative thought.
Chess is more than just another board game for the competitive spirit. Each piece has a unique mobility upon a deliberate landscape of opportunities. Once you understand the relationships and harmonies between each piece as they relate to the rules of the game, you can play with new insight. Chess will teach you a lot about yourself, and may help you to correct some attitudes that are keeping you from being who you want to be.
Intuition is more powerful than linear thought in arriving at new and unique solutions to problems. Our subconscious mind is a powerhouse of ideas that have yet to surface, or never get to the frontal lobe. There are definite ways you can learn to increase your intuitive abilities. At those times when you need an immediate solution to an imposing problem, this technique will save the day.
Stanford Research Institute has been training people in this technique for several decades. It has come to light in recent years that our government has been using remote viewing techniques in a variety of ways. This is an ability that anyone can learn, as we all have this talent latent in our minds. We have created a special tool that you can use to practice remote viewing and enhance your own abilities in this area.
There is more to passive doodling than meets the eye. What we doodle says a lot about who we are, as well as renders the symbolic language of the subconscious available to the conscious mind. When you are struggling with a problem try this technique as a method of seeing solutions that might otherwise escape your notice. Symbolism is a powerful and creative tool. Doodling helps to explore and reveal its potentials.
Image streaming is a very powerful technique for entraining the brain and opening new neural pathways. The book The Einstein Factor by Win Wenger Ph.D. gives a myriad of image streaming techniques. Any one or a combination of these techniques will unify the brain and create new neural networks.
The breath is a powerful vehicle of consciousness. By controlling how we breathe we can control our thoughts and the direction of those thoughts. This is the biological evidence of how the breath alters the brain's frequencies, changes the bodies internal chemistry and results in enhanced creativity.
Humor is the magic elixir of life. When you have learned to cultivate your own sense of humor you have harnessed one of the most valuable tools of the mind and heart. Humor allows for detachment and detachment allows for humor. Learn this technique for creating humor in your life and see how your creativity grows as a result.
Paradoxes are very useful tools in opening the mind to new ideas and attitudes. Studying paradoxes can unclog the neural networks of habit and launch new pathways of mind. If you do this often, you will begin to resolve some of the age old paradoxes in your own mind, and new vistas of possibility will become clear.
This article is was written by Robert M. Holley, Attorney at law and is an excerpt from the book he is writing regarding his unique approach to practicing law. If more attorneys embodied this creative approach, the legal profession would be uplifted and make a greater contribution to society as a whole. Also see Mr. Holley's lovely inspirational story The White Sea Turtle.
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