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"Great opportunity is usually disguised
as unsolvable problems."

Gretchen G. Clement

There are many different kinds of puzzles. Some exercise the left brain and others exercise the right brain. Some, such as those created by Edward DeBono in his book "The Five-Day Course in Thinking", will demand a whole brain approach or intuitive leap. See our sample for Saturday.

Puzzles Enhance Creativity

By doing certain puzzles you will be calling on different properties of mind, i.e. logical sequential processes or, conversely, pattern recognition. Logical sequential thinking processes are generally thought to tap the resources of the left brain. These require following a definite sequence of logical steps that will eventually lead to the solution. Word puzzles also tap the left brain since language is thought to be dominant here. Words are sequential symbols that describe concepts.

Pattern recognition, on the other hand, utilizes the ability to see an entire picture, a gestalt. When accomplished, similarities or patterns hidden within the picture are seen. This utilizes the right brain's ability to use an holistic approach to processing information. What we are offering is a weekly set of puzzles, with daily challenges to both the right and left brain. We feel that science has proven that daily mental challenges such as these will stimulate new neural pathways, open the mind and be fun in the process.

It doesn't matter if you are unable to solve the puzzles initially. Just ponder the puzzles that look impossible, and you will be opening neural pathways that weren't there before. As you continue to ponder, new kinds of thought processes begin to surface that will enable you to ultimately solve the puzzle. If certain puzzles turn you off because they look too hard, this is only because you have not learned to think in the way that would easily see the solution. This is the purpose of the Enchanted Mind site, to exercise the mind to perceiving new ways of thinking and open it to whatever challenge presents itself. These problem solving techniques can be applied in every area of your life.

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