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"The physical entities which seem to serve
as elements in thought are certain signs
and more or less clear images which can be voluntarily reproduced and combined."

Albert Einstein

Since it is the purpose of this site to increase brain capacity as an enhancement to the creative process, we present various techniques that aid in this effort. One particular exercise that will promote whole brain functioning is known as "Image Streaming."

Image Streaming

This technique was created by Dr. Win Wenger and his Project Renaissance. He has also written a book titled "How To Increase Your Intelligence." Dr. Wenger is considered one of the foremost authorities on genius and intelligence. He has pioneered this unique mental application. Doing this exercise will open up the higher cortical brain areas and allow you to become aware of your "inner witness."

The theory here is that if you are speaking aloud an experience that you are witnessing in your mind, with your eyes closed, you are actually causing the brain to make neural connections cross-hemispherically that were previously not there. In fact, most people never combine these two abilities, that of speaking while the eyes are closed in a process of visualization. Thus, the language centers on the front left brain are never cross-linked to the optical centers on the back right brain.

This technique accomplishes that neural linking. It is also important to use a tape recorder or a live person to speak these imaginings to. Listening to your own voice record your experience is a beneficial part of the process. If practiced for about 20 minutes each day, for at least three weeks, you will notice a marked improvement in your ability to process information. Your ability to visualize will also be strengthened.




1. Sit comfortably with eyes closed.

2. It is best to have a live person to speak to. But if this is not possible have a tape recorder in front of you. Describe into this tape recorder every minute detail of what you are experiencing. If you are having a fantasy, describe it aloud. If you see something, describe everything about it - its shape, color, etc. If you feel a physical sensation, describe everything about it. Even if these images are nonsensical to you, verbally describe everything about them.

3. If you sense a smell describe it. If you are hearing anything in this fantasy describe it aloud.

4. Continue this description of your inner experience for approximately twenty minutes.

The focus of this exercise is to use your verbal language skills simultaneous to using your optical visualization skills. New pathways of thought will be created in the brain. By creating these new neural connections you will greatly aid your creative potential. I have personally practiced this method and can attest to the fact that certain whole brain solutions to problems are more apparent than before I began exercising this technique. You can also find more information about Dr. Wenger's work in a new book titled The Einstein Factor.



There are some books I consider required reading. The Einstein Factor by Win Wenger, Ph.D. and Richard Poe is one of those books. Dr. Wenger has discovered the essential mental qualities needed to create genius. Richard POE has presented this information in a very readable and understandable format. Together they have created a useful resource for unfolding personal genius.

This book is full of techniques you can use to help develop your latent genius. Most of these techniques are centered around the concept of "Image Streaming", a technique pioneered by Dr. Wenger.

Are you a genius? Dr. Wenger replies, " studies have led me consistently to the conclusion that geniuses are little more than ordinary people who have stumbled upon some knack or technique for widening their channel of attention, thus making conscious their subtle, unconscious perceptions."

This awareness of subtle unconscious perceptions is the key to genius. It can be enhanced through daily practice of Image Streaming. In essence this technique is an exercise to "describe a perception or observation aloud to an external focus, such as a tape recorder or another person, and examine your perceptions as you speak. This process draws ever-larger portions of unconscious thought into focused attention, which then feed back into your consciousness." To understand the full technique you need to read the book.

Another technique in this book I am particularly drawn to is that of Model Thinking. This is an ancient technique of assuming the identity of whomever you wish to emulate. Dr. Wenger calls this 'putting on the heads'. Thus, you put on the head of whoever you are familiar with and whose talents you wish to acquire. In essence, by pretending to be that person and performing whatever talent or ability that person has, you give your own subconscious a clear experience of that talent. If practiced, your subconscious will indeed take on that talent and express it through you.

Athletic trainers have been using this technique for years to improve performance. As I’ve mentioned on other portions of this site, practicing a talent in your mind is equivalent to, if not more powerful than, physical practice. In your mind you can practice something perfectly and create a neural network of perfect execution. The practice of ‘experiencing in the now moment’ whatever you desire to be, is in my opinion, the most powerful technique you can use to become anything you desire.

Another positive feature of The Einstein Factor is that Richard Poe has managed to explain the correlations between physics and consciousness very simply and clearly. Quantum physics verifies all the new discoveries in the use of imaging as a precursor to the creation of conscious reality. A simple understanding of this relationship is valuable as a verification of the process.

I could go on and on about the virtues of this book, but I suggest that anyone desiring to improve their ability to think, reason, or use imagination to gain a richer experience of their world, read this book. If you took any one of the many techniques offered, and practiced it daily for a few months, you would see a marked improvement in your thought processes. Parents would do well to introduce this book to their children. Though children have a natural tendency to use their imaginations, by including this technique of speaking those imaginings aloud, the child will develop cross-hemispherical connections in the brain. This cross-linking and 'pole bridging' as Dr. Wenger describes it, will dramatically improve a child’s ability to think clearly and creatively. A valuable asset in a growing mind.

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