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"The intellect of the wise is like glass:
it admits the light of heaven and reflects it."


Inspiration is critical to creative thought. Without sudden flashes of inspiration, we might never arrive at creative solutions to difficult problems. Without the fresh insight that intuition grants us, we might never see the forest through the trees. Flashes of inspirational thought can be stimulated in various ways. The following articles are examples of how we can cultivate this element of the creative process and incorporate it into our daily lives.

Inspiration Genie


Creative mind has the spirit of a warrior. The warrior throughout history has embodied the qualities of clear intent, fearlessness, determination, and a willingness to conquer new territory. Learn how you can embody the qualities of the creative warrior and conquer the unknown with your mind.


Myths exert a powerful force on the psyche. They pull you into the story and magnetize your creative imagination. Learn why myths universally affect our subconscious thought patterns, and how to utilize mythical themes to enhance your creativity.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we create our reality moment by moment by how we think. We are much more powerful than we realize, or have been shown in our conventional educational models. If we could learn to harness this creative power, and put it to use in our daily awareness, our lives would change dramatically.
This article is about a living example of the power of creative thought. Heidi von Beltz was completely paralyzed as the result of a car crash over 20 years ago. Defiant to the doctors hopeless prognosis, she overcame her paralysis and regained the use of her arms and legs. Her true story is a poignant and powerful example of how we can change any circumstance in our life with applied thought.
We have compiled the creative processes used by a number of renown geniuses. They are quoted here in their own words. Read the inspirational insights of Albert Einstein, Mozart, D. H. Lawrence, Henri Poincare, Henry Moore and Friedrich Nietschze. These individuals made powerful contributions to the arts and sciences, and their creative secrets are worth pondering.
What if life was more than a temporal event? What if you knew that you were an eternal being? Would this change the way you experienced life? Would this change the way you reacted to the people and situations around you? We explore this possibility and give examples of how this can influence your life and ability to generate creative thought.
What is it about the creative experience that is so vital to mental health? Is there something within us that yearns for the creative experience and compels us to reach beyond the mediocre in our lives? This is a personal testimony of how the creative impulse allowed the author to rise above a very negative environment and find joy as a result.
We have all exercised our will at various times to overcome difficult circumstances. This is a true story of one man who reached beyond his limitations and accomplished an astonishing feat against overwhelming odds. What he did, anyone can do with a creative will.
The breath is a powerful vehicle of consciousness. By controlling how we breathe we can control our thoughts and the direction of those thoughts. This is the biological evidence of how the breath alters the brain's frequencies, changes the bodies internal chemistry and results in enhanced creativity.

M. C. Escher's work is a living testimony to creative thought. His work is a perfect example of creativity in pictorial form. Escher's work is the epitome of an open and enchanted mind. By studying his work, you can stretch your perception, resolve tangled paradoxes, and feel truly inspired.

We are all confronted with choices everyday in everything thing we do.  True creativity relies on the ability to make choices that enhance our experience of life, no matter what we're engaged in.  This little story simply expresses how the capacity to make choices effects everything we do from the most insignificant acts, to those that our life depend on.  I hope it inspires the reader to learn to pause before making future choices, knowing that this creative gift is available to you every moment.

Why would anyone want to waste their time solving puzzles? Especially puzzles that have no relevance to their daily work-a-day life. What a waste of time. Besides, life is 'riddled' with so many mundane problems, why bother adding unnecessary quandaries to clutter up the mind? The Zen master would reply, "Because life's a puzzle. Practice makes perfect." Check this article out and you'll have a little more insight into the Zen of Pondering puzzles.


This lovely inspirational story was written by Robert M. Holley, Attorney at law. Also see his Creative Law article, which is an excerpt from the book he is writing regarding his unique approach to practicing law. If more attorneys embodied this creative approach, the legal profession would be uplifted and make a greater contribution to society as a whole.

This is a simple, very moving little story. It says great deal about the innocence of youth and the character of a great master, when joined produced a truly creative moment.
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