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“Eternity is in love with the productions of time.”

William Blake

What if life was more than a temporal event? What if you knew that you were an eternal being? Would this change the way you experienced life? Would this change the way you reacted to the people and situations around you?

In his book Finite and Infinite Games, James Carse remarks, “A finite game is played for the purpose of winning, an infinite game for the purpose of continuing the play.” Is life a finite or infinite game? If life is finite then you only have one shot and everything you do is gauged in the light of success or failure. You must squeeze in all the experience you can before life ends in death.

Eternal Creativity


On the other hand, if life is infinite, and we who experience life are eternal, then success and failure are relative to the moment. In eternity we are free to forever change and improve on our failures, therefore, there really would be no failures or permanent successes, just expanding wisdom.

By its very nature a finite view of life is bounded. It’s bounded by time and space and the restrictions they impose. Time has a beginning and an end. Space has a top, a bottom and peripheral boundaries. If we see life as finite, limits are set upon everything we attempt to do and upon every idea we conceive.

Before you totally throw out the idea of infinite life, or rather that you are an eternal being, realize that three quarters of the world’s population believes in reincarnation. Now eternal life implies reincarnation or the concept that we are eternal souls re inhabiting different bodies. If you were raised with a religious ethic that didn’t include reincarnation, this is a foreign, perhaps uncomfortable, even inconceivable idea. If this upsets your beliefs about life and death then don’t read any further, because you’re free to experience reality in any way you chose.


But, what if we could each take one solid hour and imagine how we would live our life if it was seen and understood as only an interlude in an eternal, never ending dance of consciousness. What if we were really a spirit, clothed in a garment, having an adventure in this time flow and this region of space? We would feel ourselves to be mind entertaining itself, reforming itself, improving on it’s former garments and creations. We would be forever warping and weaving new and better dreams of potential realities. In this light each act we perform would not be an end in itself, that was either right or wrong, but an experiment in progressive living.

What if we were to extend our vision of life as an exercise in creativity and joyful participation in the unending waltz of conscious creation? What if surprises, which would end or interrupt a finite game of life, were the reason for the infinite play of life to continue? We would see and feel ourselves as perpetually evolving beings.

In the final analysis, if we could hold this eternal approach we would realize that a finite view of life is limited by serious, treacherous and fearful events. An eternal experience of life would take on the character of an enchanting encounter, ever fraught with new adventure and excitement. Life would be a never ending story, with an unlimited experience of perpetual creativity. What kind of new dimensions would unfold in your life if you could hold this attitude?

Play with the concept and see what kind of changes take place in your life as a result. If you could view all your actions as though seen “in the light of all eternity” you might find a refreshing and new perspective enveloping your mind.

Ponder this and pretend, perhaps for one day, that all that you do is really the creative play of an eternal being. If you find this point of view uplifting and enriching, you might adopt it permanently. I can attest from personal experience that this simple shift of perspective will radically alter your life in a delightful way. You will truly feel what it means to have an ‘enchanted mind’.

© J.L. Read, 1997. All Rights Reserved.
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