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"We do not cure the body with the body,
we cure the body with the mind.”


Every thought we have is a creative thought. The question isn't whether we are creative or not. The question is whether we are aware of our powers of creativity and are able to expand and use them purposefully.

Heidi von Beltz is a very courageous woman who has lived a remarkable life. She has shared this adventure in her book My Soul Purpose, Living, Learning and Healing. A former model and aspiring actress, Heidi turned a tragic event, that left her paralyzed from the neck down, into an inspirational experience that will touch the heart and soul of anyone who reads about it.

Twenty some years ago, as a stunt woman for the movie Cannonball Run, Heidi was seriously injured in a car accident while shooting on the set.

My Soul Purpose

At the time doctors told her that she would be permanently paralyzed. She had broken her neck. Their prognosis was that she probably wouldn't live more than five years, would need to be institutionalized, and there was nothing they could do to help her. They painted a bleak and hopeless picture.

As an independent spirit she refused to accept their verdict. Her book documents her long, sometimes painful, but steady recovery. With unfaltering courage she defied the impossible and regenerated her broken body. Today she can stand unassisted and is learning to walk again.



This is an excerpt from an interview she did about six months ago. Here she describes the thoughtful process she used to regain not only her physical strength, defy the odds, but regenerate her spirit, which in turn regenerated her body. Utilizing her imagination she has recreated her body.


Heidi: "It seems from the minute that I go to sleep all the way into the morning I am imaging. My sleep habits are not consistent, so whenever it is that I wake up, in the middle of the night or whenever, I begin the imaging. The scientists have described the whole thing as waves behaving exactly like sound waves, and that thought waves also have a physical effect on the world that can be measured with proper instruments. So, when they talked about holograms, that struck a note in me of creating the matrix of whatever that object of desire is, and then it becomes a very tangible thing. Other philosophers that I’ve read and studied like Emmett Fox, and Neville, also speak of this.

"As a matter of fact, I have been in the process of studying because I am putting together these programs for actually reprogramming your thinking, where I make the metaphor of the mind and the computer, and specifying that there is a constant inner conversation going on within us. Where our consciousness is always flowing and you can’t turn it off and on, it’s just there and it’s working. So it is up to us to be in control of the thoughts that we are administering, it’s a process and it is a lot of work to do that. So, when you are in the visualization mode, you become aware of the process, that it is not just wishful thinking, but it really actually is a demonstrable science.

"That was the purpose of the book, it’s not about paralysis but about overcoming obstacles of every kind, which I think is all of our purposes in life to learn, that we have control and complete dominion over our experiences. My obstacle happened to be paralysis, and until I submerged myself into the research of the power of the mind, which is all I had at that time, did I become aware of and learn and understand and realize in my own experience, my life, what the great philosophers and thinkers have been writing about since the beginning of time. We have absolute control over our lives, what happens, everything that we want to happen, and that we are a product of our imaginations.

"Until I became more aware of the laws of physics, since everything is molecular, and the mental influence our thoughts, ideas, perceptions and interpretations have on our experiences, I realized that it was through researchers like Deepak Chopra, who has now scientifically proven that our minds and our thoughts absolutely influence and affect and manifest our reality. It’s a demonstrable scientific fact. There are scientists worldwide that are proving that your thoughts have a direct influence on your body and your life. So, through the visualization aspect of it, and understanding that, I feel it has a tremendous amount of influence and power."

The foregoing excerpt was from The Golden Thread newspaper Vol. I No. 7, August 1996.


This is a powerful book to read. If you ever doubted that you have the power within you to do anything you want with your mind, you won’t after reading this true story. Her sincerity and simplicity is very inspiring, and she is living proof that we are all creative beings. Once you know that and learn how to control and direct the creative power within you, there will be nothing you cannot achieve. Pick up a copy of this book My Soul Purpose by Heidi von Beltz. You will be very uplifted and empowered by the time you finish reading it. Heidi also has a web site where you can learn about how she healed her body. Click here to access the site.

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