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Whatever you vividly imagine,
Ardently desire,
Sincerely believe,
And enthusiastically act upon,
Must inevitably come to pass.

What is the ultimate creative experience? Getting everything out of life that you want. Sound impossible? That's because most of us are getting what we 'expect' out of life, not what we want. You don't need a magic genie to grant your every wish. You are the creative genie.

Creativity is not only about finding solutions to problems or thinking up different ways to do things. Creativity is a life style. Creative living is knowing that you consciously create your life each moment. Finding innovative solutions is the by-product of a creative mind.

In truth we're all creators. It's just that some of us create unconsciously and others create consciously. What we think and how we think is what determines our quality of life. As Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Skeptics ask, if this is true, why aren't they getting what they want out of life? Actually they are. They're getting exactly what they 'imagine' they should. Most of us aren't aware how powerful our thoughts are. We feel at the behest of outside forces controlling our lives. In truth we are all in complete control of our destiny each and every moment, by how we think.

Creative Living Genie

Thinking that other people have control over you is itself a powerful belief system. If this is what you think, then this is what you create. Sound too simple? Creating whatever you want is so simple most don't believe it's true. Yet a good example is worry. Worry is the constant repetitive thought that something bad is going to happen. People who worry a lot, feel out of control. What they don't realize is that they are in control. They are successfully worrying themselves into problems that might otherwise never come to pass.


Another skeptical argument is the apparent dichotomy between free will and determinism. Both concepts are interdependent, not exclusive. One example is when you get up in the morning. You have no control over whether the sun is shining. What you do have control over is how you react to whether the sun is shining or not. You may live in a predetermined environment, but you have absolute free will in how you relate to that environment.

Creative living accepts that you are in complete control of your life. As the ultimate creator of that life you have dominion over your present and future. Your future is created by your thoughts and actions in the present. Your present no longer has to be an extension of your past. In each 'now' moment you can redirect your present in any direction you want.

So what's the secret to creative living? Imagine what you want as though it were taking place in the present. Imagine it happening now. Don't fantasize as if it were a future event. The universe is a big Xerox machine. It simply copies and distributes back to you what you think. If you are 'wanting' for something, then you are in a state of 'wanting'. If you 'want' to be abundant in the future, then you put that abundance perpetually into the future, not in the now.

  • Example: If you desire a better job then take the time each day to imagine the new job as you hope it to be. Imagine it as though you were experiencing it in the present. See the building you would work in, talk to the people you would work with, do the tasks that you desire to do. Essentially fantasize the new job with all its advantages. Just make sure that you fantasize as if it were really happening to you in the now. Don't project it into the future, or that's where it will stay. Become it in the moment.

If you are 'being' something, then you are it. Your subconscious mind and the whole of consciousness records what you experience in the now. Your future is the extension of your now. Be in the 'now' what you expect for yourself, and life will unfold as you imagine it.

The only thing that stands in the way of your living a creative life and having everything you want is your belief that this is possible. There are numerous books, worth reading, that expand on this truth. See the list below and read any one of them.

This is such a powerful technique that it's foolish not to give it a try. You are already seeing it work in your life every day. If you believe that you are vulnerable to others, then you are. This is what you imagine everyday and so it is unfolding that way. If you see and believe that you are poor, then you are. If you believe you are ill, then you are.

Why not turn the same mechanism you've been using all along to your benefit. Imagine yourself as abundant now and your life will move in that direction. Imagine you are healthy now, and your body will heal. Imagine you are intelligent and can understand anything and you will. The daily puzzle exercises are created to give anyone the experience that they can solve any problem they encounter, if they apply themselves.

Life was meant to be a joyful, creative, exciting experience. It's never too late to accept this and live it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You are the genie, know this and practice it. Apply creative living to every area of your life. You'll be astounded at how easily and quickly this simple technique works.

© J.L. Read, 1996. All Rights Reserved.
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